This year, Croatia kicks off its first National Ultramarathon Championship. The ultramarathon is a time-limited, 12-hour ultra-run. Croatian ultramarathoners have demonstrated remarkable success in the 50 km and 100 km ultramarathon events at the World and European Championship levels.

An increasing number of runners are seeking out the challenge of global ultramarathon events as the ultramarathon scene continues to evolve. The popularity of these ultramarathons and the success of the Croatian ultra-running team set the foundation for the Croatian Athletic Federation to approve the first official Croatian national ultramarathon championship in Croatia in 2021.

There are five official races for time-limited ultramarathons: 6-hour, 12-hour, 24-hour, 48-hour runs and a 6-day race (multi-day event). The format of these events and the courses vary and may include loops around a 400-meter (track), a 3km short track, or a combination of both. For the combination, the 400m loop and short track offer runners a chance to run inside and around stadium, giving spectators a view of the action.

The 1st National Croatian Ultramarathon Championship will be held in Zagreb at the Mladost Athletic Stadium. Mladost Athletic Stadium has a long standing, 85-year old, history and its look has not changed since 1987, when it was completely rebuilt for the XIV Summer Universiade which included participants from 111 countries and over 6,000 athletes. In addition, the stadium was beautifully presented for the 1999 Military World Games, where the track and field events were held.

The 12-hour ultramarathon championship track is exactly 1400 meters long, 400 meters on track surface and a 1000-meter track outside the stadium, throughout the Mladost “Youth” Sports Complex.

The Croatian Athletic Federation doesn’t hold any official national records in 12-hour running event, however, the best 12-hour ultrarun results in the women’s category since Croatian independence are Antonija Orlić – 134 km and 710 m (Belgrade 2018), Veronika Jurisić – 126 km 510 m, Marija Vrajic – 122 km and 365 m (Albi 2019, 12-hour split during 24-hour race), and Ingrid Nikolesic – 118 km 272 m (Kranj 2019). In the men’s category, Zdravko Jadrijev 132km 000m (Belgrade 2019), Igor Kirsic 128 km 616 m (Basel 2019) and Marin Mandekic 127 km 316 m (Kranj 2019).

The 1st National Croatian Ultramarathon Championship is a great opportunity to have the event enter in the official Croatian ranking and to establish the first official Croatian national ultramarathon records.

For those who would like to give the timed-limited ultramarathon a try and find the 12-hour event too intimidating, we have prepared two alternatives. The prospective runners can choose to run a shorter, 6-hour long version following the same principal, or they can participate in the 12-hour relay (consisting of 3 members) having each member run a 4-hour long section.


Only performances in IAU labelled races will be officially recognized by the IAU. This is not only important for possible “Best Performances”, but also for calculation of Travel Grants distributed at Major IAU Competitions. Races that get an IAU label are included in the IAU race calendar.


WHAT: National Croatian 12-hour Ultramarathon Championship

WHEN: Saturday – 12. November 2022. from 8:00am to 8:00pm

WHERE: Zagreb, Mladost Athletic Stadium


  • 12-hour ultramarathon
    • Croatia’s 12h men’s and women’s national championships.
    • Open race for runners who do not compete in the national championships.
  •  12-hour ultramarathon RELAY
    • 3-member relay – each member runs 4 hours.
  •  6-hour ultramarathon
    • Men and women individual competition.


  • Friday 11.11.2022.
    • Runner’s packets pick up between 6PM – 8PM at the Mladost Athletic Stadium.
  • Saturday 12.11.2022.
    • 7AM-7: 30AM Runner’s packets pick up at the Mladost Athletic Stadium.
    • 8AM start of the 12-hour race and relay
    • 2PM start of the 6-hour race
    • 8PM end of the 12-hour race and relay
    • 9PM results and announcements


12-hour Ultramarathon:

  • 01.08. do 10.09. = 40 eur (300,00kn)
  • 11.09. do 10.10. = 50 eur (375,00kn)
  • 11.10. do 31.10. = 60 eur (450,00 kn)

6-hour ultramarathon and relay (per member):

  • 01.08. do 10.09. = 30 eur (225,00kn)
  • 11.09. do 10.10. = 40 eur (300,00kn)
  • 11.10. do 31.10. = 50 eur (375,00 kn)


The organizer will provide an official snack in a predetermined space. The following snacks will be offered: water, isotonic drink, juices, bananas, lemon, sugar, wafers, chocolates and biscuits.

Runners are encouraged to set-up their individual refreshment stations in the approved and specified areas in close proximity to the refreshment stations provided by the organizer. Refreshments offered in the areas outside of the officially approved stations are not allowed! The refreshment zone and all the stations will be marked. No outside food, snacks and drinks will be allowed. In the snack zone, only the person registered with a competitor at the time of registration can add refreshments to competitors snack station.


Assistance, escort, pacing, or accompaniment of the racers by vehicle, in person, or otherwise by unauthorized persons is forbidden during the race.


The organizer will provide a massage service in the second half of the race- after 13:00- exclusively for individuals running the 12-hour ultra. Members of the relay, the 6-hour ultramarathon runners, and non-participants do not qualify for this service.


  • After 18:30 all runners are advised to wear headlight.
  • Runners and teams can set up tents in the designated track zone.
  • All competitors must be 18 years old on the day of the race on 12.11.2022.
  • The dressing room and toilet are inside the building, along the sidewalk, in two different locations.
  • Medical service is provided.



COURSE: 1400-meter flat loop, combination of tartan and asphalt.



All registered participants will receive a t-shirt

Finishers will receive a unique finisher medal